Scientific Evaluation Tools​

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Scientific Evaluation Tools​

This guide is created to assist you on how to increase the visibility and maximize the impact of your research, to support researchers
on selecting the right journal for publishing, measuring journal’s impact and avoiding predatory publishers. 

The guide can be used for determination of different bibliometric data and contains detailed explanations on citation analysis.

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Choose the Right
Journal to Publish

Identify. Evaluate. Avoid.

Measure Your
Research Impact

Author's H-Index

ET Profile & Identity

Improve Your
Research Impact

Profiling & Identity


Search for
Cited Articles

Article Citations

OA publishing

Choose the Conference
to Attend

Identify Predatory Conferences

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What about

What, Why & Where

Be noted:

Bibliometrics is a quantitative evaluation of publication and citation data.

Publication and citation data can be used alongside other forms of measurement and assessment of research activity, for example:

  • Peer-review
  • Funding received
  • Awards granted
  • Patents
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