Scientific Evaluation Tools​

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Scientific Evaluation Tools​

This guide will assist you to increase your visibility and maximize the impact of your research.

The guide can be used to determine different bibliometric data and it contains informative explanations on citation analysis.

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Please note:

Bibliometrics is a quantitative evaluation of publication and citation data.

Publication and citation data can be used along with other forms of measurement and assessment of research, including:

  • Peer-review
  • Funding received
  • Awards granted
  • Patents

DORA – The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment at the Technion

The Technion recently became a signatory of The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

DORA is a worldwide initiative that aims to help organizations develop and adopt meaningful changes to research assessment practices.

There is a set of recommendations which focuses on the problem of misuse of journal-based metrics, such as Journal Impact Factors in the assessment of peer reviewed journal articles.