Your Profile Overview

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Your Profile Overview

Check and update your personal profile on CRIS

Your personal profile provides the identifying information about you (name, author IDs), information about your job position and research, and shows the list of records you authored or activities you performed. To view your personal profile on the Technion CRIS portal, use the username and password provided on the CRIS complete user guide (.ppt) and enter your name in the search field.

The researcher profile provides a unique identification number for each author. The identification number helps finding and recognizing specific authors, avoiding the confusion caused by similar names etc.
Thanks to the unique Author Identifier, your information and publications will remain associated with you, even if you move to another institution or change your name. 
The unique author identifier also helps to avoid mismatches when it comes to name variations or spelling errors etc.

Recommended author identifiers for CRIS:
Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID and ORCID.

Click here for the library’s Profiling and Identity guide.

On the top of the page you will see your personal information (your full name and professional details such as your faculty and affiliation). Next to your personal details, on the top right corner, you will see your Scopus metrics: the number of citations and the calculated H-Index according to the data in Scopus.

The window below has several informative tabs:

  • The “Fingerprints” are aggregated to give an overall picture of the research activities of researchers, organizational units etc.
    By clicking on “Similar Profiles” (on the right) you will see other researchers from the same institution who have at least 11 common concepts in the “fingerprint”.

  • The Research output tab: shows a list of your publications categorized by material types. The keywords and fingerprints will appear for each publication seperately, as well as Alternative metrics. The alternative metrics measure the number of times a research output is tweeted, downloaded, viewed, discussed etc., pointing to the public or social visibility of the output.

Technion researchers automatically have access to a personal user account. To get access to your CRIS accountplease follow the link and log in by using the institutional login credentials – The Technion e-mail and its password. Click here:

Your personal details come from the Technion HR SAP system (read-only fields):​

  • Your full name​
  • Organizational affiliations​
  • Employment details​
  • Your unique identifiers (ID) from ORCID and Scopus​
  • Set up notification settings (alerts)

You can update / add the following fields (editable fields) on your profile:

  • Your alternative name
  • Your unique identifiers (ID) from additional sources 
  • Your profile picture
  • Links to your research/ personal webpages
  • Curriculum and research description / keywords 

To get the library’s assistance, please request an update of your CRIS profile​.

For any support, please send your questions and requests to the Technion Helpdesk or contact your Faculty Library.
You are also welcome to order a personal or a group instruction.

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