Technion Libraries Borrowing Services

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Technion Libraries Borrowing Services


  • The Technion community is entitled to borrow books and equipment from Technion libraries.
  • Using the Technion Portal, you can locate all items found in the Technion, check their availably and their loan period.
  • When borrowing an item, you should present an identification card.
  • Information about borrowed & requested items appears in your Library Card on the Technion Portal (Technion Identification).
  • Loans renewal is performed automatically for up to 2 years, as long as there are no requests.
    • A service for Faculty members only: request to renew loans after 2 years using the Technion Library Book Scanner android app (currently active for those who have already downloaded it in the past and will soon be updated for everyone).
  • “Miluim”: please present your callup notice when borrowing items before going to serve. If this is impossible, present a certification upon returning.
  • It is the borrower responsibility to return items on time!

  • A notification to return a requested item is sent to the reader’s e-mail.

  • It is recommended to return items to the library from which they were borrowed.

  • When the library is closed, you can return books to the return box. These items will be credited on the next day.

  • Items that are not returned on time will not be renewed.

  • Late return of items will result in your account being blocked for further loans & renewals, according to the late period.

  • Both Undergraduate & Graduate students who are late returning items will be blocked from receiving additional services from the Undergraduate / Graduate School until the overdue items are returned.

  • Illness: If you are unable to return items on time due to illness, please present a certificate of illness upon returning the items.

  • A loaned item is under the full responsibility of the reader: You must maintain its integrity and prevent any damage. It is absolutely prohibited to write any notes or markings on libraries’ items.

  • A reader who loses or damages an item will notify the lending library and will be responsible to pay for the damage.

  • The reader will be required to pay the cost of an item’s purchase, including handling costs. If the reader provides a replacement item (which is identical to the original & is in excellent condition), the library staff will consider accepting it.

  • Items can be ordered via the Technion Portal or via the Technion App.

  • An item cannot be requested for a specific date.

  • A reader is not able to request an additional copy of the same book that he currently has on loan.

  • The reader receives an e-mail message that the requested item is waiting in the library from where he requested the item.

  • The item will be reserved for the reader for 3 days. 

  • If you have requested an item, but no longer needs it, please cancel the request, so it may be released to another reader.

  • Options for cancelling a request:

    • If the item has yet to arrive, you can cancel the request in your library card on the Library Portal.

    • Contact the library where the item was ordered by telephone, e-mail, or at the circulation desk.

The stock of dictionaries is limited, so it is therefore advisable to check in advance the collection containing all details of its availability.

Circulation Services of the Central Library

contact us via e-mail: or via Tel.: 04-8292504/2521.

laptops, mobile chargers, calculators, erasable board kits & earphones may be borrowed for the same day and must be returned at least ½ an hour before the library’s closing time.

while closing the degree, please open an incident at the Technion HelpDesk, or email the circulation desk:, or call 04-8292504/2521. The confirmation will be sent automatically to the Graduation Procedures Office.

Academic staff, graduate students and administrative staff are eligible to receive a guarantee letter to other academic libraries in Israel, which share mutual cooperation agreements with the Technion. This guarantee will allow you to receive library services according to the policies of that library. To receive a guarantee letter please contact the circulation desk via e-mail: or via Tel.: 04-8292

Outside readers are entitled to only borrow items and are not entitled to access the Technion’s electronic library due to copyright restrictions. Technion libraries reserve the right to decide on whether an item may be loaned to outside readers.

  • Continuing Education & External Studies Students: are entitled to borrow up to 5 items at the same time, after depositing 400 NIS at the Continuing Education accounts office. The receipt form is a necessary document for a reader card registration. The reader card is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Anyone who is interested in subscribing as a private reader: may borrow 5 items at a time from all Technion libraries after paying 200 NIS at the Technion’s Cashier (located at the Senate building, 3rd floor). You must first obtain a payment referral form from the Central Library’s circulation desk . Payments are either in cash or with a cheque made payable to “The Technion” and not to “the library”. On Sundays – Thursdays after 15:15 you may leave the payment at the circulation desk of the Central Library. It will be deposited at the Technion’s Cashier the next day. The receipt will be sent to the reader or will be saved for him at the circulation desk for personal pick up. You can also pay by bank transfer: for details, please contact the Circulation Department at the Central Library, 04-8292504/2521.
    The reader card is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue.
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