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Technion libraries are open to the general public. Academic staff, administrative staff and students at the Technion may borrow books and peripheral equipment while presenting a valid student / employee card.

Technion Email enables access to the digital library without any special registration.

Library card access (for tracking paper format books loans and requests) is only possible for those with Technion identification (email and password).

Students for accumulation studies at the Continuing Education & External Studies Unit – For additional information.

Private Readers – For additional information.

The Central Library is accessible to people with disabilities. For accessibility information in other Technion libraries contact the relevant library.


Faculty members, students and administrative staff may borrow books from all Technion libraries.

It is recommended to return books to the library from which they were loaned.

Please open an incident at the Technion HelpDesk (Hebrew only), or turn to the Circulation Department at the Central Library via email: cir@technion.ac.il or via phone: 073-378-2504/2521. 

You can try to independently extend the loan on the card. If there are still requests for the item, it must be returned on the specified due date.

The stock of dictionaries is limited, so it is therefore advisable to check in advance the collection containing all details of its availability.

Computing & Network

The library is not responsible for passwords for encrypted networks and you should contact the Faculty computing manager or the Division of Computing and Information Systems:
“TechSec” Network – Secure Network. Login instructions
“Eduroam” Network – a worldwide secure network that allows easy connection to the Wi-Fi network in academic institutions around the world with a one-time setup only. Login instructions

Each library has different software installed.

These software are currently installed on the Central Library’s computers.

Technion students can also install certain software (such as Visual Studio, SolidWorks, Matlab and more) free of charge. The service is provided via Azure Virtual Desktop – Microsoft Cloud services.

For registration and more details about the service

Peripheral Equipment

Printing and photography services are per pay. The charges and the technical handling of printers are under the responsibility of ASAT. Contact information of MAFIL company and/or ASAT representative can be found at the printers’ area. Scanning services are provided free of charge (copiers which are also used for scanning are indicated at the printers’ area).

Off-Campus Access

Home connection requires an identification in the Technion’s unified system. All information about the various access options is available on the off-campus access page.

Access is only available with these accounts: @technion.ac.il or @campus.technion.ac.il 

Sure. Access is available from anywhere and with any network, and since it is a web-based system, is also accessible from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access).

Reference, Instruction & Research Support

The identification requirement is resource dependent and therefore, you do not have to try to identify in advance, but only when requested and you should follow the screen instructions.

Yes, the information specialists team working in the libraries is available to the Technion community to answer questions, to locate academic material, sources of information and tools for their organization.

Yes, you can order individual and group guidance on the Reference & Instruction page using the relevant links.

Academic staff, administrative staff and students with an active Technion account.

Literature Review, knowing the library services, using the library search systems, databases demonstration by field of research, using Mendeley software for creating and managing bibliography.

Knowing patent databases and patent search by research topic.

Demonstration of tools used for scientific evaluation.

Demonstration of additional software used for editing and managing bibliographic items.

Open-Access publishing support.

You can consult an information specialist, choose databases according to domains in the portal, or search by keyword in the portal search engine.

Yes, references of articles in Hebrew can be located in two ways:

The database: Haifa Index to Hebrew Periodicals – IHP

Using the Articles & More system.

Yes, the Technion libraries have purchased the PatBaseExpress database. You can receive help / advice on patent search and on using the database by ordering an individual / group guidance on the Reference & Instruction page.

Reference management programs (or citation tools) are aimed at assisting researchers and students to organize and format their bibliographic citations and references. See our tutorial and recommendations on the following page. In addition, you can schedule a personal or a group guidance for these programs with the reference & information team in the central library or with your faculty librarian.

Historical Archive

The historical archive contains:

• Documents, letters, protocols and photocopies of newspaper articles.

• A partial heritage of Alexander Baerwald.

•  A collection of photos and historical photographs.

• A collection of military programs by Professor Yohanan Ratner.

• A partial collection of maps by Gottlieb Schumacher.

Yes, visit by appointment only. Please contact the department’s email stating the search topic and the purpose of using the materials. A visit will be coordinated during the Historical Archive opening hours, Sunday-Thursday 09:00-15:00.

No, the materials are not borrowable, and are not taken out of the archive’s climate control room while browsing.

No, the Historical Archive does not charge for visiting or for using the materials.

Students who participate in campus buildings projects can be referred to Architecture & Town Planning Library. The head librarian, Viky, has a portfolio of building drawings that can be used by students.

For campus statistics – please contact the Communication and External Relations Unit or the Construction and Maintenance Division (website in Hebrew)