​​​​​​​​​​About the Libr​aries

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​​​​​​​​​​About the Libr​aries

Technion Libraries System

The Technion Libraries consist of the Elyachar Central Library and fourteen departmental libraries located in the academic unit buildings.
Technion libraries serve the Technion staff and students in the areas of teaching and research, in addition, the libraries serve the researchers in the research institutions located at the Technion Campus.

The libraries operate as one bibliographic unit with one catalog, one readers’ file and one electronic library. The collections cover the fields of Engineering, Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Architecture and Medicine and literature, comprising over 1,000,000 volumes and more than 10,000 electronic journals, hundreds of databases, electronic books and digital journal archives.

Technion libraries catalog contains a huge and updated database of books, journals and articles, allowing maximum accessibility: Either by books and magazines that are on the shelves, by using digital information services available to students and researchers, at the libraries and in remote access 24/7.

The skilled professional libraries team offers academic information services in various fields and cultivates printed and digital libraries’ collections, to promote academic teaching and research.

The libraries also provide meeting place and serve as a cultural centers.
Learning spaces and rest areas along with group study zones, also can be found.
Throughout the libraries there are individual learning positions for individuals and for groups. Study rooms can be booked through the BookMe service.
Computers, viewing and listening positions also available.
Some of the libraries contain relaxing and eating zones and also a kitchenette.
Throughout the library there is a WiFi and there is an access to people with special needs. Also, some of the libraries provide a stage to temporary exhibitions.

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