What are the metrics displayed in CRIS

What are the metrics displayed in CRIS?

CRIS (Current Research Information System) displays scientific metrics in relation to the research (publication), the researcher and the journal.
What are these metrics, and what do they measure?

The bibliometric measures (such as citations, Journal Impact Factor, H-Index) displayed in CRIS come from reliable and professional databases such as Scopus and JCR. These databases are based on publications that were published only in peer-reviewed journals. 

What are bibliometric measures? 

The bibliometric measures’ purpose is to measure the productivity of research and research fields, and they currently attract interest among researchers. These are the measures that the academic community relies on when calculating the impact and productivity of research, choosing reliable and high-quality publishers, finding top researchers in the field, and more.

The metrics currently displayed in CRIS are the most common metrics: 

Measures the research based on the number of citations

Measures the researchers, based on research outputs and their academic impact

From JCR. The JIF of an academic journal is a scientometric index that reflects the yearly mean number of citations of articles published in the last two years in a given journal.

From Scopus. Measures the impact of each article in the journal, with emphasis on the subject matter. It normalizes the number of citations according to the total number of citations in the research field of a certain journal.

From Scopus. Reflects the journal’s rank. The ranking is calculated within a four-year period. 

From Scopus. A measure reflecting the yearly average number of citations recent articles published in that journal.

In addition to the citation-based measures, there are modern measuring methods that determine the impact and use of scientific information. Alternative metrics measure the influence of a certain publication in social media, according to the number of views, clicks, downloads, and mentions. They are an addition to the classic metrics but do not replace them. 

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