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Electrical Engineering Library

We aspire to preserve a learning environment that will promote creativity, innovation and lead to scientific breakthroughs. The library is responsible for the enrichment of its academic resources. The library serves faculty members, employees, and students. It provides educational information, technical literature and major scientific publications that support the needs of the research community. In order to enrich the lives of the user​​s outside the study and research routines, the library has developed a fiction section and a popular science wing. The library staff will be glad to assist you with any help needed.​

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Electrical Engineering Library

Opening Hours
The ELE library shall reopen for sitting on premises on Monday, March 8th, 2021.
The opening hours are 08:00-15:00.
There may NOT be more than 34 people at the same time at the library.
 Sitting at the library is open for ELE students only - a student card must be displayed on the desk.
 The Green Pass must be displayed on the desk at all times.
 Visitors must wear masks and respect the sitting arrangements.
 A student disobeying the rules shall be instructed to leave.
 Books are to be borrowed via the library website.
 Book returns are available 24/7 by using the return box outside the library.
 Guidance & instruction available online and by email.

Bella Mayer building, Technion City, Haifa.

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