About the library​

Electrical engineering

About the library​

The Electrical Engineering Library is located at the Bella Mayer Building, on the 3rd floor. It occupies over 2 floors, which represents a total of 1000 square meters. The upper floor is dedicated to bookshelves. It also offers 150 individual study desks. Following its renovation, the library now possesses 2 computerized consultation stands. The lower floor is designated for group learning and holds the capacity of 100 students.

​Library Collections and Main Services

The library collection consists of research books, textbooks, handbooks, dictionaries, periodicals, conferences, book series, theses and lectures on DVD’s. A popular science collection and a fiction collection in Hebrew and in English are gradually developing and the library will gladly receive additional donations.

Opening Hours:

The library opening hours vary according to semester or exam schedule. Please make sure that you consult the front page of the website for the exact information. Starting from 15:30 the library is open to Electrical Engineering students or faculty members only, upon presentation of a magnetic card.


19,500 books and 1200 lectures on DVD’s are available for loan. The average circulation statistics is 5000 loans per year. Various accessories are also available for a daily loan: study room keys, mobile chargers, headphones, calculators and more.​

Reference and Guidance:

The library staff conducts tailored-made bibliographic searches and provides online support via e-mail. Individual guidance takes place at the library on a daily basis (preferably by a scheduled appointment).

Inter-Library Loan:

Faculty members, graduate students and employees are entitled to order articles and to borrow books from other libraries in Israel or abroad. For details, please send an e-mail to the library.