Thesis Submission​

Electrical engineering

Thesis Submission​

Dear Graduate Student,

Once you complete your defense and final examination, please follow the following steps for the thesis submission. You must fill in the online release form. There is no need to send anything to the library! Your thesis and deposit form must be uploaded onto the digital release form. 

A request to delay the publication of the thesis.

Moreover, prior to submitting your thesis to the library, you must make sure that:

  1. No books are registered on your library card.
  2. The documents above are completed and signed in due form (please provide a private email address and not a Technion email).
  3. Confirmation on the lack of debts for graduate students: When going through the final procedures of closing the degree, please open an incident at the Technion Help-Desk, or email the circulation desk <a href=” ;”>, or call 073-378-2504/2521. The confirmation will be sent automatically to the Graduation Procedures Office.

We wish you lots of success, many happy returns 🙂


  1. Is it enough to have only one supervisor sign the form? No, all supervisors must sign the form.
  2. Can I drop by the library first and then complete the TOFES TIYULIM? No, the library is the last one to sign the form.
  3. Can the EE Library give me confirmation that I do not owe any books? No, only the Central Library may grant such a form. You must go there first, or call 8292504.
  4. Must the thesis include an abstract in Hebrew? Yes, it must.
  5. Is it OK if all this bureaucracy makes me feel frustrated? Sure, but hey we are here for you. Just smile!