Vision, Mission and Values

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Vision, Mission and Values

The Technion Libraries' vision

Coordinated and promotes the Technion vision – to be among the world’s top ten leading libraries, in the fields of science, engineering, and technology. To be a leading scientific-technological information center that promotes creativity and excellence in research, teaching and study within the Technion community.

The Technion Libraries' mission

To support research and teaching in the Technion by providing access to professional information and professional information services to the community of researchers, lecturers and students with the aim of promoting academic excellence along with special responsibility of fulfilling the Technion’s vision and the the Technion libraries’s vision and the implementation of the library’s regulations.

The Technion Libraries will implement its mission in the following ways

  • Organization, preservation and development of library’s collections in accordance with the needs of research, teaching and study (including the digital library)
  • Accessibility, availability and distribution of the information
  • Development and management of a central institutional repository for all the intellectual products of the Technion (dissertations, research reports and articles)
  • Management of the historical archive of the Technion, including publications of the Technion.
  • Promotion of effective and educated use of the libraries’ resources ,while adjusting the training and development of professional reference services to the needs of the institution.
  • Creation of a study and research environments based on recent technological infrastructures.
  • A professional staff, creative and updated
  • Updating to the public needs while adapting to a changing reality.
  • Optimal utilization of library resources including physical areas and digital resources
  • Library System functioning as one unit – according to uniform standards and level of service.

The Technion Libraries will be guided by the following values:

  • User-focused services
  • Communication and service awareness
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Integrity, respect and tolerance
  • Commitment to intellectual and Academic Freedom
  • Professional Ethics
  • Responsibility and efficiency
  • Transparency and knowledge sharing