The Stages of Thesis Submission to the Library​


The Stages of Thesis Submission to the Library​

Thesis submission protocol to the library.

Approval receipt of the thesis from the library is conditional upon completion of the following stages:

  • Return all borrowed books from Technion libraries.
  • Fill out the submission form and sign it. Please remember to fill out all the required fields in the form. The signed form must be sent to the library as a PDF file to the Physics library e-mail.
  • Sign the “faculty exit-form” (tofes tiulim) and return it to the library (the library is the last one to sign).
  • Send to the library by e-mail the full thesis file, including cover pages and abstract in Hebrew, in PDF format to the Physics library e-mail​​.

For additional details, see the​ instructions after the examination on the website of the Graduate School​.

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