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Introducing: the Nanotechnology dictionary

Nanoscience and nanotechnology have developed a lot in recent years, now impacting almost every area of our lives. The nanotechnology dictionary meets the growing need to understand the field and make it accessible to professionals and the general public.

This is an English Hebrew dictionary, which includes more than 2700 terms that reflect the development of the field in its various contexts, such as physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, materials science, and more. It is intended for students, technicians, engineers, and anyone interested in innovative technologies.

The Technion Libraries have made the dictionary digitally accessible and it can now be viewed on a dedicated page on the libraries’ portal.

Movie Discovery Recommendations

The Technion community enjoys free access to the Movie Discovery movie library as part of the leisure services that the libraries offer free of charge.

Once in a while, “The Broadcast Letter” – the recommendation blog for the Movie Discovery database – is distributed.

What’s in the letter this time? Films in honor of Safe Surfing Week, Consumer Day, Sexual Harassment Prevention Week, and also one current event: after Barcelona announced that it was canceling the Twin Cities alliance with Tel Aviv, we remembered the film Stigma, which goes down to the roots of anti-Semitism in Spain and was made by Marty Sans, a Catalan Christian director, who sought to understand the origins of the anti-Semitism he grew up with himself.

To view the broadcast letter and to browse the Movie Discovery blog, which includes movie reviews and more (in Hebrew), click here.

Children's literature can be read at any age

Adults’ day-to-day lives are difficult and challenging in a very different way than children’s, but there is one thing they both have in common: the ability to amaze the brain by reading or listening to a classic and exciting children’s story. Reading children’s books (even in adulthood!) encourages us to face challenges, relearn things and become more open-minded and adaptive to changes.

If it’s been too long since you felt light and nostalgic, come and borrow recommended and inspiring books from the children’s books collection in the Technion Central Library. The collection was curated by the library staff with a sincere love for the written word and the world of imagination. It was curated with respect and appreciation for children and those who remain children at heart.

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