Library Regulations

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Library Regulations

Entrance to the library is granted to the Technion and Rambam communities. In addition – with permission from the library director, students studying medicine in Israeli universities and students who studied medicine abroad and can show that they are registered for the national licensing exams, may also come into the library.

The library offers a variety of reference services, book circulation, document delivery and interlibrary loan services to the Technion and Rambam communities. Individuals and groups may request instruction on a variety of subjects including material search, use of databases, use of reference management tools and more. Patrons who want to schedule instruction sessions should send a request to

Library hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:00-9:45pm, Friday 8:30-1pm. Holidays – check our website.

  1. NO FOOD OR DRINK MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE LIBRARY, apart from water in a closed bottle. Anyone breaking this rule will be sent out of the library and might be refused future entrance.
  2. Please help us maintain the quiet in the library. Patrons who want to study together may do so in the study rooms.
  3. Cellphones must be turned to “quiet” or “vibrate” and phone conversations may only take place OUTSIDE the library.
  4. After using library books, please put them on the library carts. DO NOT RETURN THEM TO THE SHELVES.
  5. The staff is not responsible for the damage or loss of your personal items in the library.
  6. The library computers may be used by all the library patron; however, preference will always be given to the Technion and Rambam communities.
  7. Patrons must obey the library staff.  If requested, they must show ID to the library or security staffs.
  8. Failure to comply with the library rules may have disciplinary consequences and may result in permanent denial of library use and services.
  1. Books may be borrowed by:
    1. Technion students, academic faculty members, employees.
    2. All Rambam employees.
  2. Patrons must present student or employee ID when borrowing books.  Patrons may only borrow books for themselves; no one may borrow a book for someone else.
  3. Books are borrowed and returned at the Circulation Desk at the library entrance.  Books must be registered before they are taken out of the library.  The library operates a security system.
  4. A patron may not borrow more than one copy of the same book.
  5. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PATRON TO RETURN LIBRARY MATERIALS ON TIME.  The return date of borrowed items can be found in the patron’s file via the library website. Patrons who return books late, lose borrowing privileges in ALL Technion libraries for a period dependent on the severity of the violation. Graduate students will also be prevented from receiving other academic rights and services.
  6. Late returns are accepted if due to army reserve duty or illness.  The patron must show his army call-up notice when borrowing books or when returning them.
  7. In the case of illness- bring a doctor’s note when returning the books.
  8. The patron is responsible for keeping books clean, dry and in good condition.  IT IS FORBIDDEN to write or to highlight in them.
  9. If a book is damaged or lost, the patron must inform the staff in order to arrange payment for a replacement copy.  Where relevant and with the agreement of the library staff, the patron may be allowed to bring an alternative book.
  10. When the library is closed, books may be returned in the dropbox by the library entrance.
  11. The library retains the right to limit the use of certain materials (like textbooks) to the Faculty of Medicine students.
  1. When all copies of a book have been borrowed, patrons may order a copy via the library catalog.  When a copy is returned, the requester will receive e-mail notification that it is waiting for him.  The book will be held for the requester for up to 3 days.
  2. Books that are on the shelf may be reserved via the library catalog for pick-up in its home library.
  3. If the requester does not want the book he ordered/reserved, he should contact the library staff and cancel his order.
  1. The group and seminar rooms are only for Faculty of Medicine and Rambam students.
  2. DO NOT leave personal items unattended in the rooms.  Items that are left will be removed so that others may use the room.
  3. The library is not responsible for the damage and loss of personal items left unattended in the rooms.
  4. The use of the seminar rooms must be reserved in advance and are only for groups accompanied by a lecturer.   When there are no lessons or seminars, the rooms are used as Quiet Study Rooms.

The Medical Library Staff