Library policies


Library policies

All Technion students, faculty members, adjunct teachers, and employees are entitled to borrow books from the Architecture and Town Planning library free of charge.

External readers (non-Technion) should apply to the Central library for details of the registration (fee may be charged).

Borrowing policies

Undergraduate students can borrow up to 25 books. Graduate students and faculty members can borrow up to 50 books.

Loan periods

The books in the library are marked according to their lending status:

  • The books without marking are loanable for two weeks/month.
  • Yellow strip – one week.
  • Yellow/Red strip – the book is overnight, and is not renewable.¬†
  • Red strip – The book is for the library staff use only.¬†

Automatic renewal system

The library operates an automatic renewal system. Loans can be renewed under the following conditions:

  • No overdue books on the patron’s account(past and present).
  • There is no restrictions on library account.
  • The book is not requested by another patron.
  • Books borrowed for overnight use cannot be renewed.

The library patrons will be notified by email three days before the due date if a book cannot be renewed.

Returning library loans

The books should be returned to the circulation desk. There is also an option to return the book to the book drop near the entrance to the library. The readers are responsible for returning books on time.

If the student lost the book, he should report to the circulation desk. Librarians will explain one’s options for replacing the lost record.

Book reservation (hold requests)

  • The library patrons can reserve books using online library catalog.
  • The library patrons can reserve books borrowed by other patrons.
  • Patrons can reserve books that are not on loan.
  • The patron cannot reserve books for a specific date.
  • The patron cannot reserve books with the loan status “overnight”.

Reading materials for courses

To provide the best service for the students, the library staff should receive the reading¬† lists for courses before the beginning of a semester. It allows the library staff to prepare electronic reprints in accordance with the “fair use ” principles.

Electronic reprints will be uploaded to the Technion Moodle. Lecturer has to open a course site in the Technion Moodle.