The Technion Library Portal Accessibility Statement

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The Technion Library Portal Accessibility Statement

The library staff has endeavored to make the library websites and the online library systems appropriate and accessible to handicapped users because the Technion is committed to providing full information access to all.
The purpose of making the library websites accessible is to provide maximum services and ease of use to those with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive handicaps and to those who have difficulty operating a computer or surfing the internet.

The accessibility level of the Technion libraries’ websites is AA according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the international body W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Israel observes the guideline requirements (link to Hebrew content).
The websites have been modified to be viewed on computers and/or smartphones, support a variety of resolutions and work with popular web browsers like Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
A screen reader can be used with these sites.

An enhancement was installed on the websites to allow the user to:

  • choose a section of material by running the mouse over it
  • enlarging text and menus on the screen
  • disable animated pictures
  • navigate using the TAB key,  SHIFT + TAB and ENTER.
  • change colors and contrast

This enhancement is located on the bottom left of the screen. The user can navigate to it using the TAB key when first opening the website or by clicking on the “A” key at any time.


The Technion aims to provide users with access to the widest range of material, therefore, links to external sources such as online databases, search tools, ebooks and ejournals accessed via the libraries’ websites. The libraries do their utmost to check that these sources conform to accessibility standards. However, since the library has no control over these sites, there is a possibility that some of the external material will not reach the desired accessibility level.
The library staff obligates itself to provide AA level access to the library programs:


Moreover, there may be instances of library materials that are based on old technology that cannot be made accessible, such as documents that were photographed or scanned, audio-visual files for which there are no digital versions.

If you need help setting up your personal accessibility parameters, to report cases of missing accessibility or for any other issue, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Tel. 073-378-2598

NVDA is a screen reading program.

This program  enables  voice description or Braille for the information found on the computer screen.

The program has a speech drive in both Hebrew and English and is supported by The Center for the Blind , in cooperation with Israel Social Security.

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