Computers and Equipment

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Computers and Equipment

Computer stations

6 public access computer stations are available at the library [each station includes a USB port, an audio jack but no hard drive]. All stations have internet connection that allows access to academic content on Technion subscription.

Computer peripheral equipment​

The group study rooms in the library are equipped with 42 inch screens, that can connect to personal laptop computers. The library provides HDMI cables, headphones and computer mice for day loans.

Wireless communication​

Wireless communication is available throug​hout the library, and enables​ users to use their personal mobile devices, while on premises.
There are currently three wireless networks on the Technion network: TechSec, Techpublic and eduroam. Techpublic is a free network with no identification required. TechSec and Eduroam are secure networks that require user identification. For more information, please see the Technion Division of Computing and Information Systems website.


​The library provides scientific calculators, white board kits, cellphone chargers and disk-on-keys​ for day loans.