​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Library

mechanical engineering

​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Library

The Mechanical Engineering library is located in the Dan & Betty Kahn Building, since its inauguration on June 2014  and is one of several study areas, that the faculty provide. 

The library holds an updated and varied books collection in both printed and electronic formats. This collection includes textbooks, reference books, faculty technical reports and MSc/PhD faculty dissertations. ​

The library offers a variety of seating spaces for individual/collaborative study, two rooms for group work ( book ahead now!) and a silent study room.
The group study rooms are equipped with large screens that can connect to personal laptop computers.

The library provides HDMI cables, headphones, computer mice, scientific calculators, white board kits and disk-on-keys ​for day loans.

Library staff aspires to recognize faculty members’ research and study needs and to respond with reference to relevant information resources, as well as guidance for proficient​ and comprehensive use of them.​​

​The library offers the following services:

  • Loans of books and educational aids.
  • Reference guidance ​regarding information resources
  • Personal guidance sessions, according to the patron’s specific research subject
  • ​Professional information searches on particular subjects
  • Document delivery and Inter Library
  • Loan service
  • Acquisition of research literature and textbooks
  • Help with citation reports and evaluation of academic journals​

One black & white, double-sided printer is available in the library. Printing jobs can be sent from any computer station connected to the Technion network, or any portable device that has an Internet connection and can send email messages. (Color printer is located outside the library, at the faculty computer farm) .
Printing instructions (in Hebrew)

Two photocopiers are available in the library.

The library offers a free self-scanning service through one of the library photocopiers. Scans can be done to either a USB or an email.

Users can pay with credit cards or with Technion student cards loaded with money. The machines do not accept cash.
A price list for printing and photocopying (in Hebrew).

Copyright notice: Photocopying, scanning, or printing are subject to the limitations of copyright laws and should be made for the purpose of teaching, study and research only.