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Technion libraries technology services


LIBstick is a cloud printing service for libraries.
With LIBstick you can design your labels in any way you want to create spine, pocket or barcode labels. Customize the text, colors, size and much more.

Fully integrated with Ex Libris Alma and other library management systems. No need to install any software. Just open your internet browser and start printing.


Self-service interactive platform for borrowing books. Fully customizable, multi-lingual, easy to setup.

Just connect a touch screen and barcode scanner to LIBlend and you are ready to go. LIBlend is running in the cloud and can be deployed in any library world wide.

Fully integrated with Ex Libris Alma and other library management systems.


Do you need an experienced librarian to find and return books to the correct shelf?

With LIBscan you can arrange the library’s physicals items (books, magazines, theses and more) in a simple intuitive way.

Prevent human errors with autmatic validation.

LIBscan intrates with you Ex Libris Alma account via the cluod arranging the books on the various shelves. The LIBscan will make it possible to check the correctness of the book’s location and will make it possible to enter the location id into the Alma system.


Simple authentication service for self-service kiosks.
LIBgate enable secure authentication with your the institute’s Single sign-on service (e.g. Azure AD).

The authentication process (login) is transferred from the visible kiosk screen to the privacy of your mobile device.


Biboxx was created to support the need to keep academic research outputs in sync between systems.
On the one hand, researchers are strive to publish their outputs through a formal repository. On the other hand, the researcher would like to reflect the same output on his own, personal site.
This is exactly where Biboxx comes to play. Following a basic, institutional, authentication process, the researcher is presented with an iframe tag to be added to his site.
This tag will make sure that going forward, any update applied to publications within the formal profile will be auto-reflected to his/her own website. Simple and effective!