Thesis Submission

IND science

Thesis Submission

Submission Process

Dear student.
You have met all the academic requirements, written your dissertation and passed all the exams, congratulations, you have almost completed your degree journey and you are left with the last obstacle – to fill out the form here.
You will be required to attach to this form the complete thesis file, which includes the cover page and summary in Hebrew, PDF format as well as the scan of the Deposit Form signed by your academic instructor(s). Also, make sure you do not have any faculty equipment, and that you do not have library  books in your possession.


  • I have more than one academic instructor, should they all sign the Deposit Form? Yes!
  •  Should I attach the Hebrew sections of my thesis (abstract and cover page)? Yes.
  • I’ve completed my degree, but I’m staying in the faculty, should I return any equipment or books? if that’s the case, then, No.
  •  Did you get my Theses File? Once the submission process is done we’ll get your files, don’t worry.
  • In any case, you can always contact us.