The Central Library is Undergoing a Renovation

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The Central Library is Undergoing a Renovation

The learning spaces at the Central Library are closed to the public

Library Services During the Renovation Period:

A cooperation with ASAT has led to a creation of alternative learning spaces alongside enhanced printing services at the Students House. 

Alternatively, we kindly invite you to use the learning spaces of the faculty libraries in the campus.

For further information or to contact the Technion libraries please press here.

All online services, including the Technion Libraries Portal, Search Engines, Databases and all other Digital Services offered by the library will operate as usual.

Due to the renovation, loan services are provided slightly different. 

The book collections are in the Archive and it would not be possible to locate them independently. Therefore, we recommend that you order books in advance via the Technion Libraries Portalor via the Technion App [Library – Library Search]. 

  • Returning Books – It is possible to return books in a returning box located at the entrance to the Technion Alumni Association (next to the Post Office), see point 2 on the map. 
  • Requesting Books – the book collections are available for you for searching and requesting via the Technion Libraries Portal or via the Technion App [Library- Library Search]. 
  • Borrowing Books – will be possible after coordination. 
  • Lack of debts confirmation for graduate students– via Help Desk- 5600 (Hebrew only) or via Email: 

Contact Us: 

Sun.-Thu. 08:00-15:00 

Tel: 04-8292504/2521, Email: 

You can fill an ILL form anytime. 

Contact Us: 

Sun.-Thu. 09:00-14:00 

Tel: 04-8292509, Email: 

For further information about this service press here. 

The Reference & Instruction Services will be provided as usual (available upon appointment).

Sun.-Thu. 08:00-15:15

Contact Information: Tel: 04-829520 ,04-8292513


Support call center-5600

For further information about this service press here.

For requests, please contact:

Opening hours will be available upon appointment:

Sun. 08:30-13:00

Mon. 08:30-12:30

Tue. 08:30-16:00

Wed. 13:30-16:00

Contact Information: Tel: 077-8871783, Email:

Book Purchasing Services

All services are provided as usual.

Cataloging Services

All services are provided as usual.

Central Library staff will be be glad to assist you.


Phone: 04-8292503 (or leave a message) 

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