new web

Our new website is full of useful information and resources for academic research and studying purposes. The website development and design processes involved thought-through UX and UI thinking (User Experience and Interface) to make the content accessible and simple to navigate.

Contact Us, My Library, and more website pages

The top navigation bar displays useful links such as – Contact Us, Locations and Opening Hours, My Library (library card), and Helpdesk – where you can contact support (and IT) and send us your questions or requests.

The different categories of the navigation bar will display a detailed drop-down menu with links to all the content pages of the website, including links to various services, tutorials and more.

Search Bar

The libraries provide several alternatives for advanced academic research:

Books & More –  This search tab allows you to search for textbooks, reference books, fiction literature, e-books, dissertations, reports and more (by title).

Articles & More –  The ‘Articles & More’ search settings allow advanced searches in the various libraries’ databases. The search will display both printed and digital materials available at the Technion libraries or digitally accessible with a Technion email address.

Journals – This tab will provide quick access to a specific journal.

Databases – Here you will find thematic or multidisciplinary databases.

This website – This tab allows you to search within the website content in a simple and efficient way.

Updates and Useful Links

Important news and updates will appear in this section. For example: New information resources, updates considering the Purple Badge instructions, new library systems and more. This section also includes the most useful and popular links of the website.

Links by Categories

This section displays useful information for different Technion audiences (undergraduates, researchers, graduates and more). Here you will find details regarding the libraries’ (such as locations and opening hours), or courses materials – in addition to thought-through tutorials on topics such as Overleaf, Off-Campus Access, and more.

We would love to hear your opinion on the new website!

Do you want to know more?

The Technion Libraries are here for you – we are happy to provide assistance in research and academic tutoring. Please contact us if you have any question or request, and send us your comments or ideas for our next newsletter – The Reference & Instruction Department (Elyachar’s Central Library):