Mendeley’s new Version

Mendeley’s New Version

Mendeley Desktop, the well-known version of the reference manager and citation tool Mendeley, has a new desktop app and a new cloud version

The main differences between the two versions: 

  • A new and modern display, with new user experience design and a clean UI (especially noticeable on the new add-ons – Mendeley Cite for MS Word, and the new Mendeley Web Importer). 
  • Syncing data: the new version relies more on cloud technology, and its features are available online (using a browser such as Google Chrome), as well as offline on the Mendeley Reference app for Windows/MAC.
  • References that are added to Mendeley Reference Manager will not be automatically saved as PDF files to your computer. This means the program will no longer require slow syncing on every loading as it did previously. This also means that to save a PDF file to your computer and use Mendeley’s PDF reader, you will have to select the option manually.
  • The new Notebooks feature: this new feature will allow you to save notes and citations (PDF highlights) in an organized manner. This feature is an upgrade of Mendeley Desktop “notes”.
  • The feature on Mendeley Desktop that helped in finding duplicate files is currently not available in Mendeley Reference Manager. We recommend that you organize your data (remove duplicates) with Mendeley Desktop before installing the new version. 

Please note: The new version (Mendeley Reference Manager) will officially replace Mendeley Desktop starting September 2022. Moving your files manually will not be necessary since all of your content on Mendeley Desktop will sync to Mendeley Reference Manager as long as you will use the same login details (your username and password). 

To read our Mendeley Reference Manager guide, click here. 

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May 2022 \ Issue #8 \ Writing, editing and graphic design: Reference & Instruction Team, Elyachar Central Library