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Database Review

​Helps to discover papers in the field of analytical chemistry. Subjects covered - general analytic chemistry, spectroscopy, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environmental chemistry and more. The search allows the users to determine in advance the identity of the matrix, anylate and the technique used.

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​Full access to journals and books in the fields of architecture and architectural design.

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​Full text access to literature in the field of environmental sciences.

On trial until 31.8.18.

Access from campus only.

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access in full-text to all of the standards that were published by the IEEE standards association


The Technion GIS Metadata System is a statistical cartographic database containing maps of the State of Israel. This database is mainly intended for students and researchers in the fields of architecture, planning and civil engineering.

A website that presents news and events in the fields of transportation, highways and infrastructures.  

The database includes more than 90,000 internationally recognized standards including British standards, European standards, ISO and IEC standards. You are welcome to read our BSOL user guide which may help you to make the most of this usefull source for standards.

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​Analysis of of thousands of open-access journals in accordance to more than 60 suspicious behaviors in academic publishing. The database is essential tool for writers and readers to prevent their engagement with predatory open-access journals and publishers.

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Indexed papers in environmental studies.

For more information about the scope and coverage.

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Over 30 million abstracts and indices from published, peer-reviewed biomedical literature, in-press publications and conferences are available on Embase. Full-text indexing of drug, disease and medical device data, supported by the Embase thesaurus.​

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​Ebooks and Ejournals published by the "Institute of Physics"

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​Online video-journal for biological researc​​h​.

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​JoVE science education is a video collection dedicated to teaching laboratory fundamentals through simple, easy to understand video demonstrations​​​

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Mendeley is a reference manager software that allows you to manage, read, share, annotate and cite your research papers.​ It is free to use but Technion users can subscribe in to a personal institutional version of Mendeley with premium user features and additional institutional support. For more details please visit our citation tools page where you can also find a user guide and instruction for opening an institutional account.

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Detailed instruction and comparisons for analytics and synthetics in the fields of water analysis, biomedical engineering, food analysis, drug discovery and more. In order to use the database please follow this Login-Information link.

Please update your browser or change your security definitions to support TLS 1.1 protocol or higher in order to use CAS products.

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An online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) featuring its books,  papers and statistics and is the gateway to OECD’s analysis and data

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​The Oxford English Dictionary as an online version. Includes current and historical words accompanied by quotations and pronuciations. A very usefull tool for academic writing, searching for synonyms and more.

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​A full-text database which covers millions of  patents from more than 100 patent authorities (For comparison, "Google Patents" searches within only 17 patent authorities)

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​The new SciFinder interface. 

SciFinder-n is the most comprehensive discovery database in chemistry and related sciences.

Technion users can access the database with their Scifinder credentials.

If you are a new user (with no SciFinder acount at all), please register first with the following link.

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UpToDate provides physician-authored full-text articles, drugs & drug interaction databases, medical calculators and more.
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​גישה לספרקים אלקטרוניים בעברית ובאנגלית במגוון תחומים - מדע וטכנולוגיה, מדעי החיים, מדעים מדוייקים, ספרי לימוד בכל הרמות, דת, אומנות, היסטוריה, כלכלה, ספרות ועוד. הגישה חופשית ומלאה למשתמשי הטכניון.


מגוון רחב של ספרי האוניברסיטה הפתוחה במגוון נושאים פתוחים לצפייה ועיון ללא עלות ובאופן חופשי. ​חלק מהספרים המופיעים הם ספרי לימוד לקורסים בטכניון. על מנת לצפות בתוכן המלא של הספרים יש לבצע רישום לאתר.

לוגו של פא%22ר

מכון התקנים הינו הגוף הלאומי שמופקד על איכות במדינת ישראל, והוא פועל מתוקף חוק התקנים אותו חוקקה הכנסת בשנת 1953.​​​ ספריות הטכניון רכשו את הגישה לצפייה והורדה של התקנים (חלקם אף כתובים באנגלית) - יש לעקוב אחר ההוראות בעברית או באנגלית על מנת לצפות בתקנים הזמינים לקהיליית הטכניון.

מכון התקנים הישראלי לוגו

​Physical and chemical data for more than 250,000 chemical substances

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The most comprehensive source for data and tables in chemistry and physics.

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​Retrieve information in chemical science - article papers, chemical entities, patents and more.


Information about the Israel's high-tech industry.

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​Scientiffic research and reports archived by the Volcani institute

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All the information about nanomaterials in one place. This database summerizes articles about more than 250,000 nanomaterials so users can obtain easly their properties, applications, preparation, biological effects and characterization.

Fact sheet about Nature Nano

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