​Organizing Mendeley library

  • Folders & sub-folders

  • Filters

  • Records view

  • Record's details

  • View and an​notate PDFs​

Folders and Sub-Folders​

To organize your references, use folders and sub-folders.

To create a folder, click on the 'Folders' button to the top left of the screen (or right click in the left pane of the desktop) and create a title for the new folder.

To create a sub-folders stay on the folder that you want a sub-folder in, click on the 'Folders' button (or right click in the left pane of the desktop) and create title for the new sub-folder.​

Create a New Folder

To add references to the new folder ​/ sub-folder, drag them from the 'Recently Added' folder:

the Recently Added Folder

References can be put in more than one folder.​



To organize your references you can assign tags.

To add tag / tags to the reference you've added to your Mendeley desktop, click on the field 'Tags' on the pane of record's details:​

the Field 'Tags'

It is only possible to share PDFs in Private Groups.

To find all articles with a particular tag, select 'Filter by My Tags' from the drop-down list to the bottom left of the screen and click the appropriate tag:​

Filter by My Tags

Some references you've added to your Mendeley desktop can come with tags already.​


Use star icon to mark favorite documents:

the Star Icon

Read / Unread

Mark documents as read or unread using the green circle:

the Green Circle

Records View

To change view of references (middle pane) to citation view, click on the 'View' button on the Menu Bar and in the drop down menu select 'Library as Citations':​

Library as Citations

To change style of citation, select 'Citation Style' and choose an appropriate style in this 'View' drop down menu:

Citation Style

To sort references by type of document indicator (.pdf, MS Word, etc.), authors, title, year, publication or date added to Mendeley Desktop, click on any of these headers:​


Record's Details

To add / change details for a special record, click on the particular field on the 'Details' tab:​

'Details' Tab

To attach a PDF file to its metadata, scroll down to the field 'Files', click on​ 'Add File', navigate to the folder where the PDF is stored, select the document and click 'Open'.

To check where Mendeley has saved a PDF file on your computer, right mouse click on a pdf and select 'Open Containing Folder':​

Open Containing Folder

View and Annotate PDFs

Once PDFs have been added to your Mendeley Desktop, you can click the PDF icon or double-click on the reference to read, highlight and annotate attached documents. The PDF will be opened by the PDF viewer in a separate tab:​

the PDF Viewer

Your annotations can be viewed in the 'Notes' tab, next to the 'Details' tab on the right pane:​

the 'Notes' Tab

To share a PDF file with annotations and notes, click the 'Share' button.​

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