​​​​Create Citations and Bibliography​

  • Install MS Word Plug In.

  • Insert citations.

  • Create bibliography.

  • Citation st​yles.

​​Install MS Word Plug In​

To insert citations to a paper and to create a bibliography, you will need to install a citation plug-in. To install a citation plug-in, click 'Install MS Word Plug In' from 'Tools' menu:​

Install MS Plug In

A pop up menu will appear indicating successful installation. Click 'Ok' and open your MS Word document:

Pop Up

Be noted, all office documents should be closed during installation.​

​Insert Citations

The Mendeley Cite-O-Matic plug-in will appear in the 'References' tab in the Word toolbar:

the 'References' Tab

To insert a citation, place the cursor where you want the citation in the document and click 'Insert Citation'. 

In the appeared search window, start to enter a search term to bring up the citation you need:​

the Search Window

Or (advanced) click 'Go to Mendeley' in the appeared window and select one or more references from the list. Then click 'Cite':​

Select in Mendeley

References can be inserted from Groups as well.​

​​​​Create Bibliography​

To create bibliography, click the 'Insert Bibliography' button in the end of the document.

New citations will be added automatically to the created list.

​​Citation Style

​​To change bibliographic styles, go to 'Styles' in the Mendeley toolbar and choose a bibliographic style from the style dropdown list.​

​​​​More Styles

To download more styles to your Word list of styles, click on 'More styles':

More Styles

In the appeared window search for the style you need and download it:

Citation Styles

The downloaded style will be shown in your Word style's list.

​​Edit Related Style​

To edit related style, go to 'Citation Style Editor' (CSL). Right click on the style closest to the one you need from a list of styles that are currently installed and click 'Edit Style':

Edit Style

The style editor will ask for permission to access your account. After authorizing it the style editor will create a new style based on the one that was selected. 

Automatically the title of the new style will include your name: IEEE – Your Name. To change the title, click in the Title box in the options below the example citation and enter the new title:​

Change the Title

The style ID will be created automatically. To make changes, click on the relevant part of the inline citations or bibliography entry on the left pane. The tool will open the options that are available to be changed.

For example, to limit the number of authors shown in bibliography go to 'Bibliography' section on the left pane. Select 'Author (macro)' and choose 'Name' in the 'Names' section: ​

Change the Number of Authors

In the opened field 'et-al-min' choose relevant number of authors to be shown:Choose Relevant Number

To save your style, got to 'Style' and from the dropdown list select 'Save Style':

Save Style