​Adding References From Extentions, PDF and Manualy

  • Adding References by Using 'Mendeley Extension'.

  • Adding references manually.

  • Adding references by dragging PDFs files.

Adding References by Using 'Mendeley Extension'

Mendeley Web Importer browser extension is available for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Mendeley Extension is compatible with the most popular Technion Databases: Engineering Village (Compendex, Inspec, NTIS), Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed.

To 'grab' the reference/s from the result’s page, click on the ‘Mendeley Extension’ button on your browser’s toolbar:

the ‘Mendeley Extension’ button on your browser’s toolbar.png 

In the pop-up box select 'All' or choose one reference from the list that you want to import, choose a folder to store it and click 'Save'.

The next time you will sync the Mendeley Desktop, saved references will appear in the 'Recently Added' folder or in folder you've chosen to store:

click the synchronization button to see the files on your mendeley desktop 

The example below is for a full text database.  If a PDF copy of the paper is available an icon appears next to the reference.  Leaving the Download PDFs if available box checked will import the PDF's along with the references.

To 'grab' single reference from the journal or publisher site, click on the 'Mendeley Extension' button on your browser's toolbar, choose a folder to store it and click 'Save':

click on the ‘Mendeley Extension’ button on your browser’s toolbar, choose a folder to store it and click 'Save' 

The option to include the PDFs is available for references from the journal or publisher site with free or Technion access.

Adding References Manually​

To add references manually, click 'Add Files' button on the in the upper-left corner of the interface and from the drop-down list select 'Add Entry Manually':​

Add Entry Manually

A pop-up window will appear. Select the type of material you wish to add (e.g. book, book section, document, journal article, etc.), fill in metadata fields and click 'Save':​

Fill in Metadata Fields and Click 'Save'

Adding References by Dragging PDF File​

Drag and Drop​​

Individual PDFs or folders can also be dragged from your computer into your Mendeley Desktop. Mendeley will try to automatically extract the citation information. Verify that the information is accurate and full. Missing details can be added manually by typing them in the relevant fields:​

Add Details Manually

Not all PDFs will automatically convert into Mendeley records.​

Add Files / Folder

Click on the 'Add Files' button to the top left of the screen and navigate to the folder where the PDF is stored. Select a document and click 'open':​

Add Files

References from 'Watch Folder' on your computer will be added automatically to Mendeley Desktop.

To set up this option, create folder on your computer you want to be the dedicated pdf folder for automatic reference import. Then click on the 'Add Files' button to the top left of the screen of Mendeley Desktop and navigate to this folder.​