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About BSOL

British Standards Online provide access to over 90,000 international Standards including ISO, EN, BS, CEN, CENLEC, ASTM and IEC.


The BSOL covers many fields such as:

  • Sciences and Healthcare

  • Management, Low and Quality

  • Environment and Waste

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Telecommunications

  • Railway Engineering

  • Aircraft and Aerospace Engineering

  • Agriculture and food Technology

  • Chemical Technology

 For the full list of fields, please click BSOL Brochure

BSOL Search options

In the main page of BSOL you can find the quick search bar on the top of the page:

Quick search bar on the top of the page 

The search is general and you can search for standards by number, keyword and phrase.

Search by number

Example of searching iso 25964 standard:

In the search bar you need to type the number of the standard and click on the search icon. You will receive BSOL suggestions standards that you can choose from the results list.​

The search bar

​You can download the standard by clicking on the PDF icon at the right side of the record.​

The PDF icon

You can click on 'Quick View' to see the standard on your browser before you download it.​

The 'Quick View' icon

Search for standards by typing the prefix of the standard. For example - iso25964​.

Type iso25964 in the search bar

You will receive all the options of this particular standard:​

 All the options of the particular standard

Search by keywords​

You can search standards by one keyword or more.

For example:

Searching the term 'Information Technology' will produce 4565 results. You can filter the results by clicking on 'sort by', the sort options are A - Z, date, relevance and more.​

Filter the results by clicking on 'sort by'

Advanced Search​

In the main page click on 'Advanced Search'.

The 'Advanced Search' icon

The Advanced Search allows you to combine fields together before launching your query.​

The Advanced Search

Status: This field allows you to filter standards by a specific option.​

The 'Status' field

Publisher: You can select the standard publisher​.

The 'Publisher' field

Publication date: A field that enables you to find standards from exact date​.

The 'Publication date' field

Update type: This field allows you to find all the standards that was being amended during a specific date.​

The 'Update type' field

ISBN: Search by 'ISBN' number, you need to type 13 digits.​

The 'ISBN' field

Module number: modules are BSI classification of standards. You can open the list of modules by clicking on the empty box.

The 'Module number' field

After clicking, you will receive the 'module selection tool' that enables you to choose topics and publishers.​

The 'module selection tool'

You can choose modules and publishers by opening the arrows.​

Choose modules and publishers by opening the arrows