​​​​​​​​​Nessyahu Historical Archive

Archive's Content

The archive includes several collections​:

Documents, letters, protocols and images of newspaper excerpts

This collection includes items since 1907, from the first thought of establishing a Jewish technological university, through the war of the languages, the establishment of the Technion, the two World Wars, and until the 1980s. ​

A part of Alexander Baerwald's inheritance

Alexander Baerwald (1878 - 1930) was a Jewish German architect and painter, one of the first in modern Israeli architecture and the eclectic style in the Land of Israel. He was the planner of the old Technion building, the Hebrew Reali School and workshops in Hadar HaCarmel, and one of the founders of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning in the Technion.

The collection includes architectural plans for the old building in Hadar HaCarmel, the Hebrew Reali School, houses in Haifa, synagogues, schools, power stations and public building around the country, as well as his selection of paintings and projects he started while in Germany. ​

A collection of historical photos

This is a collection from the first years of the Technion until the 1970s.

A collection of Prof. Yahanan Ratner's military plans

Yohanan Ratner (1891-1965) was an architect and a professor of architecture at the Technion. He was an active member and commander in the Haganah and took part in the foundation of the Palmach. He served in the British Forces during the Second World War, and held the position of head of Planning Directorate in the IDF just before the War of Independence started.   

The plans, from the 1930s, were meant to protect the Jewish Yishuv in the Land of Israel from German attacks. ​

A partial collection of maps from Gottlieb Schumacher

Gottlieb Schumacher (1857-1925) was a civil engineer, architect and archeologist. He was an American, German in origin, who belonged to the Templers, living in the German Colony in Haifa. He put a stamp on the mapping and archeology of the Land of Israel and neighboring countries.

The collection includes maps of Haifa from 1896-1911, 58 maps of the Land of Israel and neighboring countries, maps of the Golan Heights and Hermon Mt. and of archeological sites such as Megiddo, Sebastia and Tabgha, most of which were prepared by Schumacher and some by others.  ​

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