​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Citation Tools​

Citation Management Tools allow you to store, organize and share your research citations (books, articles websites and more) and automatically format your bibliographies in academic writing in a wide variety of styles.

Mendeley Institutional Edition ​is recommended by Technion​ Libriaries.



Mendeley is a reference manager and an academic collaboration network that allows you to manage, read, share, annotate and cite your research papers, collaborate with others online, discover the latest research and to increase researcher productivity.​

Mendeley Institutional Edition

Institutional version of Mendeley with premium user features and additional institutional support. (For comparison between Free and Institutional Edition - see the table below).

Gain Access to Mendeley Institutional Edition​

Creating a new account or logging-in to an existing account from a Technion IP address (desktop computers or secured wifi network), will automatically identify the user as a Technion member and will enable them to enjoy the Institutional Edition.​​​ Registration for the institutional edition is also available when off-campus, by using this special link.

Free Mendeley Account​

To sign up for a free Mendeley Account, click "Create a free account" button on www.mendeley.com.

Other Tools

The Technion Libraries provide support also for: EndNote Basic, EndNote installed version, RefWorks, RefWorks Flow and Zotero.


F1000 Workspace is a platform to help biology and medical researchers discover and collect literature, manage references and prepare manuscripts, grant applications, posters, talks, etc. for submission. The tool is powered by a faculty of over 10,000 leading experts in biology and medicine. F1000Workspace is available for Technion users​ through library subscription to Faculty of 1000 biology database.

Browser extension guide

Word plugin guide




An online research management, writing and collaboration tool, designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

RW is available only through individual subscription.​

RefWork​​s flow​

RefWorks Flow 

A new cloud-based platform for collecting, using, sharing and citing research.​



A research tool that automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. Zotero saves ​​​your citation library to your local computer, but syncs with multiple computers so you can work from home, work, or school.​



Search, organize and share research  Automatically, by using format bibliographies with the only patented bibliography technology. A basic web version is available to the Technion community through ISI. EndNote Desktop version is available only through individual subscription.​

​Succe​ssful planning of academic research lecture

Comparing table:

​Mendeley​ Institutional Edition

​ Mende​ley Free Edition





​F1000 Workspace​


​Installed version

​Installed version

​Web version (plus installed version)

​Internet connection

​Internet connection

​Installed version

​Internet connection​


​Free for Technion


​Basic Web version free for Technion

Installed version can be purchased individually

Individual subscription

​Individual subscription


Premium version through individual subscription.

Free for Technion




​Required in Web




Designed for a personal computer, thus logging out is not possible.



IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome​

​IE, Firefox, Sa​fari, Chrome

​IE, Firefox, Safari

​IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

​IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome

​​Firefox – Zotero for Firefox

Safari, Chrome – Zotero Standalone

​ Firefox Extension

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, IE11, Opera or Safari (Mac)​


​5 GB Personal Space

20 GB Shared Space

​ 2 GB Personal Space

500 MB Shared Space

​ 5 GB for EndNote X6 only

​5 GB

​Cloud-based storage

​ 300 MB Free

additional storage available for purchase.

​Cloud-based storage​

​Sharing and collaborating

By groups.

Number of private groups is unlimited.

By groups.

Number of private groups is limited to one.

By EndNote libraries

​​Via RefShare

Flexible Option

​By groups

By projects

​Community Network








​Interface Languages



​English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese

​English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

​Various languages

​Various languages



Elsevier OSCS

Priority on-line support

Support Team

​​Online tutorials

Support Team

​​Online tutorials

Support Team

​Online tutorials

Support Team

​Support Team

Help documentations

Online tutorials

No Support Team

​Online tutorials

Support ​​​Team​