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​​Physics library
Welcome to the Physi​cs Library website!

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

 Albe​rt ​​​​Einstein​

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​Opening h​ours

Opening Hours during Semesters:​

Sun-Wed​ ​ 08:​00-21:45, Thu 08:00-18:45

Opening Hours during Exams:​

Sun-Thu 08:00-21​:45

Opening Hours during Winter Brake + Moed B+ during Summer:​

Sun-Thu 08:00-16:45​​

מיקום הפקולטה: בניין פיסיקה

Physi​cs​​ Library

Physics Building, ​Neve Shanan Campus, Technion, Haifa. Zip code 3200003. 

Tel: 04-829-3535​, FAX: 04-829-5755

Email:​ physli​​​​b​​@​​​techn​​​​​​

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