Instructions for booking group study rooms in the Faculty of Medicine Library

Open the BookMe service. (Click here for help)

Choose "Faculty of Medicine Library" from the dropdown menu. 

You can choose from two room types:

Rooms 1-9: study rooms that hold up to 4 people – bookable from 8:00am

Rooms 10-12: study rooms that hold up to 6 people - bookable from 4pm.

Click on the hour you want to book and follow the instructions.

Students and Faculty Staff can also book rooms in the Central Library and the Student Union Building (Neve Sha'anan campus).

Important to Note:

-          The rooms are intended for medical faculty students and Rambam personnel ONLY

-          The rooms are intended for group study (2 or more)

-          An individual may book up to 6 hours weekly (maximum 2 hours daily)

-          It is advisable to reserve a room at least one day in advance

-          Rooms can only be booked for the current calendar week (Sunday – Thursday)

Canceling a Reservation

-          If you do not intend to use your room booking, you must cancel as soon as possible

-          The booking will be held for up to 15 minutes and then the reservation will be not valid.

We will be glad to assist you by phone 04-8295351 or email