​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Printing, copying & scanning at the  library*​ 


​​Photocopy machine in the libraryOne black & white, double-sided printer is accessible in library. Printing jobs can be sent from any computer station connected to the Technion network, or any portable device that has an Internet connection and can send email messages. ​Color printer is located at the faculty computer farm. 

Printing instructions (in Hebrew)

Users can pay with credit cards, loaded Technion student cards or a "Mafil" photocopy card. The printer does not accept cash. 


Two photocopiers are available in the library.

Patrons can pay with credit cards, loaded Technion student cards or  a "Mafil" photocopy card.​ ​The copiers do not accept cash. 

A price list for printing and photocopying (in Hebrew).


The library offers a free scanning service. One flatbed scanner connected to a Windows computer workstation is available.Scanning is also enabled on one of the library photocopiers. You may scan documents either to a USB or to an email.

Buying photocopy cards and charging them

You can buy a "Mafil" photocopy card, or add money to an existing card (or to your student card) at a vending machine, located in the library, using cash only.

​*Copyright notice: photocopying, printing and scanning are subject to copyright limitations and should be done for personal study or research purposes ​only.  ​