patbase express​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Information resources for patents search*​

Databases with Technion libraries subscriptions​:​​

PatBase Express​  [coverage: information from over 100 worldwide patent authorities​] 

Scifinder​ [coverage: information from 31 worldwide patent authorities]

- ​​​Scopus​ ​[coverage: JPO,IPO.GOV.UK​​​​​,WIPO,EPO,USPTO]​​

Lexis Nexis​ [coverage:USPTO]

​​Free online resources:

​Worldwide and national patent authorities​

​- US Patent and Trademark Office​​ (USPTO​​)

-  Espacenet (European Patent Office)​

- World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

​- Israeli Patent Office 

Free search engines​

Google Patent Search [coverage: WIPO,EPO,USPTO, JP, CN, DE, CA]

- ​​FreePatentsOnline [coverage​: JPO​​,WIPO,EPO,USPTO]​​

*Performing a onetime search, especially while using free search tools, may help receive a first impression of the current situation, but does not cover all patents submitted, worldwide. One must perform periodical searches or sign up for an Alert/RSS service.

*​In any case, this does not replace a professional patent search service. ​