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Categories Expla​nation:

O-rings, U-rings, compression packing, , gaskets, mechanical seals, weather stripping, sealantsSealing
cylinders, pistons, valves, actuators, hose, adaptors, pipes, fittings, tubes, fittings dryersHydraulics
actuators, bearings, shafts, shaft collars, springs, rod ends, ball screwsMotion: linear
bearings, bearing units, drive shafts, shaft couplings, shaft collars, U-joints, pulleys, belts,belt gauges, gears, chains, chain tensioners, sprockets, drive rollers, track rollersMotion: rotary
cables, wires, wire terminations, cable  routing & pathways, mechanical connectors, coversCable wire bundling & connecting
sensors, encoders, transducers, photoelectric sensors, level sensors, pressure & vacuum sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, thermocouples, inductiveproximity sensors, piezoelectric tranducersSensors
fasteners, belts, synchronous belts & sprockets, screws, nuts, pins, fixings, control elements, spring pins, dowel pins, insertsFasteners, rigids & belts
switches & relays, transformers, circuit breakers, fuses, controllers, air pressure regulator, valve positionersSwitching & controlling
servo drives, servo motors, brushed DC motors, AC motors, blind drives, encoders, gearboxes, reducers, clutches, brakesDrives and motors
rotary solenoids, linear solenoids, 3-position solenoids, tubular solenoidsSolenoids
compressors, tanks, air flow & pressure boosters, dryers , hose, mufflers, pressure gauges, valves, cylinders, filters, pipe fittings, speed controllers, tubesPneumatics
square & rectangular profiles, plastering profiles, angles, IPE beams, UPN beams, HEA, HEBProfiles
steel pipes, screw fittings, couplers, valves, pipe supports, manifolds, pipe hangers, pipe joints, pipe flange spreaders, tube fittings, hose, hose fittings, hose nozzles, hose reelsPipes, tubes & fittings
electrodes & wire, welders, brazing alloys, contact tips, cables & connectors, holders& clampsWelding