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Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Library website!  

​It's a​​​ modern, quiet learning space, with lots of natural lighting, wonderful views, a variety of seating areas and computer stations.  

It's just the place to get those brain cogs rolling!

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Opening h​ours

During the academic year

Sun-Thu​ ​ 08:​00-20:30

During the summer ​

Sun-Thu  ​08:00-15:30

A student learning center is available 24/7, across the library​​

מיקום הפקולטה: בניין דן קאהן

Mechanical​ Engineering Library

​Dan​ & Betty Kahn bldg,1st floor​
Neve Shanan Campus, Technion, Haifa. Zip code 3200003. 

Tel: 077-887-2082​, FAX: 077-887-1615Email:​ meclib@techn​​​​

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