​​​​​​​Order Cancellation

It is advised that a reader who ordered a book but does not require it any longer to cancel the order so as to free it up for another reader.

It is recommended to manage order tracking by way of your rea​der card​.

Options for Cancellation of Order

  • It is possible to contact the library from which the book order was made by telephone or email or to come to the loan desk of the same library.

  • It is possible to cancel the order after the receiving of the notice email that the book is waiting in the library:

The reader can notify his desire to cancel the order by returnin​g an email with the word "cancel" in the subject line after the receiving ​of the following automatic message: ​

'The following item has arrived and can be picked up at the relevant library until: 11/07/2013 (including ):

If you want to cancel your order, please reply this email with "CANCEL" in its subject.​'

Notes on Reserving Books​

  • It is not possible to order a book for a specific date.

  • A reader can not order an additional copy of a book that is on loan to himself​ / herself from the same library. It is possible to order a copy from another library.

  • In order to receive a library notification, including order notifications, it is important to notify the circulation department of the Central Library (or to any other library) of any change in email address, residential address, or telephone number.