​​​Import Records to ORCID by Using ResearcherID​

If you already have a Rese​archerID in Web of Science or other systems, you will be able to export your information and publications into the ORCID:

To import data from another system, log in to your ORCID record and then click 'Link Works':​

click 'Link Works'​​​

Note: You can choose the privacy level you would like your works to be assigned (public, limited or private) under Account Settings.

For more information click ORCID Privacy Settings or Privacy Policy.

​Choose the needed system from the list​:

choose the needed system from the list

To allow ORCID to connect your record click 'Authorize':

click 'Authorize'

Sigh in to your Researcher ID:​

sign in to your Researcher ID

Select data you would  like to exchange between ResearcherID and ORCID and click ‘Go’:​

select data and click 'Go'

Note:  You will be asked to select profile fields and publications to exchange. During data exchange, the privacy settings will not be modified.

To finish the process of exchanging, click 'Authorize':​

​​click 'Authorize'

Once your ResearcherID account is associated with your ORCID record, your ORCID identifier will appear on your profile page in ResearcherID and will be​ linked to your ORCID record.