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​Profiling & Identity

The Author Identification provides a unique number for every author and helps find and recognize a specific author and to avoid confusion with other similarly named authors. Due to the Unique Author Identifier, your information and publications will remain ass ociated with you, whether you change institution or your name. This Unique Author Identifier will help you to avoid confusion with other similarly named authors and to solve name ambiguity problem in scholarly communication.

Unique Author Identifier helps despite variations or errors in name spelling:

  • Various spellings of an author's name

  • Differently formatted names in one source

  • Alternative names for an author

  • Typographical errors

  • Combining different authors who share the same name

The most commonly used Author Identifiers are:

ORCID ID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)

Researcher ID (Thomson Reuters)

Scopus Author Identifier (Scopus) 


For further information:
04-8292513/ 2520


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