​​​Import Records to ORCID by Using Scopus Author Identifier​

If you already have a Scopus Author Identifier in Scopus​, you will be able to export your information and publications into the ORCID.

To export an existing author's information from Scopus into the ORCID, find author details page in Scopus database and click 'Add to ORCID'​:

'add to ORCID'

Log in to your ORCID recordIf you don't have an ORCID ID, register by filling out the requested information and click 'Register':​

sign in or register

Note: you will need to validate your email address.

To allow Scopus to connect your ORCID Record click 'Authorize':​

click 'Authorize'

To import your information into ORCID, go through the next six steps:

  • Select your Scopus profile (from a list of potential profile name matches).

  • Select your preferred profile name.

  • Review the list of publications associated with the profile you selected.

  • Review the edited profile if all details are corrected.

  • To send your Scopus ID to ORCID, confirm your email address and click 'Send Author ID'.

  • To send your list, click 'send my publication list'.

the six steps

To finish the process of importing your Scopus information to ORCID, click 'Authorize':​

click 'Authorize'

To view your ORCID record, click 'Return to ORCID'.

Additional information on the Scopus integration with ORCID can be found the following links: