​Create Your ResearcherID​

To access or register with ResearcherID.com, you must first sign in or register with the Web of Science database.

To Register or Sign in click 'Sign In' from the main menu:

sign in

Once registered you may sign in.

To create ResearcherID, click 'My ResearcherID' from the "My Tools' on the main screen:​

click on my ResearcherID

Complete the registration process by filling in the required information and click ‘Submit’:​​

fill in the required information

You will receive the e-mail notification with your ResearcherID number.

Log in to ResearcherID to view your profile information. Your ResearcherID number will be displayed on the screen.

To add more information to your record, click 'Manage Profile':​

​​manage profile

To edit your information and to set your public / private preferences, go through the next five steps:

  • Edit your personal details.

  • Edit / add Affiliation details.

  • Edit publication list.

  • Update your security information.

  • Submit if you would like to receive notifications.​

edit your information

Click 'Submit Changes' on each page.

To view your record, click 'Return to My Researcher Profile'.

Publications can be added to ResearcherID from Web of Knowledge by selecting the "I Wrote These Publications" button:​

select 'I wrote these publications'

If you have publications that do not exist in Web of Knowledge, you can upload references directly from EndNote Web or you can upload a file in RIS format.

To add publications to your profile from EndNote Web or to upload a file in RIS format, click on 'Add publications':

click on 'add publication'

Select one of the options to upload references:

select one of the options

Note: these references will not include citation information and therefore will not make a difference to your citation metrics.