Classification Method of Library Items

Cataloging includes adding subjects to the bibliographic record.

Subjects indicate what / whom the item is about, as opposed to those who wrote or published the item.

Items can thus also be accessed in the catalog by subject terms. "Classification" is the technical term in English for the procedure of subject analysis and coding; and "sorting" is the translation of the Hebrew term for classification: "meeyun".

There is a separate Central Library screening team that classifies the books and other items. Used is a subject coding scheme known as UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) based on Dewey (The Dewey Decimal Classification), but detailed, complex and flexible.​

The scheme distributes the various academic subjects in a hierarchial decimal system form 0 -999 subdivided up to thousandths. E​ach subject is assigned a number (with or without decimal places) and linked to its equivalent verbal term by which information and items can be retrieved from the catalog. The UDC scheme is considered more accurate and appropriate for Science and Technology, the Technion's main academic subjects than​ other methods of indexing of the US Library of Congress, which is used by most academic libraries in the Israel​.