Services provided by the faculty librarians and information specialists

Description of the job of the faculty librarian

A professional information specialist, who is familiar with the research and educational subjects studied in the faculty and who can provide relevant and appropriate materials, research tools and services to members of the faculty:

  • new and existing faculty members
  • adjunct teachers
  • BA, MSc, PhD and postdoctoral students
  • laboratory and research institute personnel
  • Technion employees
  • others

Library services that support education and research

(Contact the faculty library to set up an appointment.)

  • Provision of reference services and guidance to individuals and groups, instruction in the use of resources specific to the needs of the patrons, seminars requested by lecturers or laboratory personnel that supplement and enrich courses or laboratory work in these subjects:

    • familiarity with relevant information resources for literature searches and other academic pursuits

    • familiarity with specific tools (eg., computer programs for patent searches, market surveys, product research, etc.)

    • Open Access publishing

    • copyright laws and scientific publishing

    • tools for reference management

    • evaluation of scientific publications- journal ranking and citation count

    • assistance in managing a researcher's profile on various platforms to increase his/her prominence

  • Assistance with literature searches and document delivery

    • location of materials in academic and administrative sources (standards, statistics and other data)

    • preparation of citation reports for the Tenure Committee 

    • provision of information about similar educational programs around the country and abroad


(Contact the faculty library to set up an appointment.)

To provide professional support for education and research (as outlined in paragraph 2 above)

  • Initiated support for education and long-distance learning, provision of educational materials:
    • acquisition of textbooks and listing them in the syllabi

    • preparation of electronic materials for MOODLE

    • examination of materials in MOOCs to ascertain that they meet copyright laws

  • Publication and updating of relevant information and resources on the library website

  • Notification of new resources, computer programs and databases and user tips

  • Book and journal acquisition per patron requests and document delivery services

  • Collection development in line with the educational and research activities in the faculty

  • Management of the print collection according to the procedures of preservation and withdrawal (as outlined in the Library Regulations).

  • Management of faculty research publications (theses, research reports, etc.):

    • incorporate them in the library collection and make them available to the patrons

    • support the organization, administration and preservation of faculty information and data 

    • digitalization and circulation of metadata

  • Library/ Learning Center operation responsibilities
    (The modern library is now known as a learning center or learning commons)

    • staff management

    • staff (permanent and temporary) training

    • tracking performance and quality control

    • upkeep of the physical area and the equipment 

Last updated- October 2018