We at Technion libraries believe that time is a precious resource...

Therefore, we have developed an adapted mechanism to different population's profiles, in order to adjust and provide accessible content that will be more relevant to you without having to locate it on the website.

The mechanism enables to match the content of the site according to the profile chosen in a single click and without the need for any identification.

Choose the suitable profile for you:

  • If you belong to the academic staff at the Technion, researchers or students learning at The Graduate School, 
    The appropriate profile for you is: Researchers

  • If you are a first degree student/learning at the Youth section/Technion center for pre-university education, 
    The appropriate profile for you is: Students

  • If you are librarians / information specialists Technion libraries, the appropriate profile you is: ​Librarians

  • If you do not meet all the above, the appropriate profile you is: Guests (This is also the default profile)

* To see to which profile the portal is adapted to: See "website content is adjusted to"

* You can change the profile at any time by clicking on the option "Modify Profile" and then re-election to another profile.

​How does it work?​

once you select an appropriate profile,​ web part elements in the site will present relevant content for that profile. for example:

Recommended Links ​menu, Search Center window, Announcements window etc.

Note:  In The new Search Center, you can hide the Profiles menu by clicking on the X button. the menu will be hidden for six months period.