Faculty Libraries/ Learning Centers

The faculty libraries serve as learning centers designed to meet the changing and dynamic needs of students, researchers and lecturers. 

The library staff provides these professional services:

1. Guidance and assistance in locating and evaluating materials, bibliographic/ reference management, use of databases, the copyright law explanations, etc.

2. Assistance with remote teaching and learning

  • management of the faculty courses website
  • management of course readings
  • production of educational materials (printed, electronic, MOOCs, Moodle)
  • guidance sessions relevant to specific courses which are requested by the lecturer (use of the library and the library collection)
  • information about similar courses in other universities

3. Assistance with research:

  • literature search, citation calculations and other bibliometric services, reference management
  • acquisition of books and other professional materials for faculty members (paid for from research budgets)

Services provided within the faculty

1. for students- a supportive learning environment, textbook collection, guidance and assistance relating to library use and for student projects, literature searches

2. for researchers and lecturers- collection of academic books, journals, etc., document delivery and inter-library loan services, book acquisition (paid for from research budgets), advice and direction for scientific publication, support for teaching (collection development and management, relevant services)

3. the faculty management- professional information evaluation, digitization and preservation of materials and provision of information needed for faculty projects.

Last update: Nov. 2017