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CRIS Introduction – Start Here

The Researcher Profile

The Researcher Profile provides a unique identification number for each author.
The identification number helps 
finding and recognizing specific authors, avoiding the confusion caused by similar names etc.
Thanks to the unique Author Identifier, your information and publications will remain associated with you, even if you move to another institution or change your name.
The unique Author Identifier also helps to avoid mismatches when it comes to name variations or spelling errors etc.

The following Scopus video tutorial shows how to confirm your Author Identifier on Scopus (Scopus ID) and avoid mistakes or duplicates:

The most useful Author Identifiers are:
Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID and ORCID.

Click here for the library’s Profiling and Identity guide.

The unique Author Identifier links your publications to you.
It is especially helpful when:

  • There are various ways to spell your name (for example: John or Jon)
  • Differently formatted names appear in one source (for example: John Smith and J. Smith)
  • You have more than one name (for example: John Tom Smith, John T. Smith)
  • In case of typo errors (for example: John Smth)
  • To avoid any confusion caused by common names (different researchers with the same name)

Recommended Author Identifiers for CRIS:
Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID and ORCID.

For any support, please send your questions and requests to the Technion Helpdesk or contact your Faculty Library.
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