Free Resources during the Corona Outbreak

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Free Resources during the Corona Outbreak

Last Update : 26.4.20

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many publishers are now offering free access to subscription-based products.

We will keep you updated with new links that might help your research benefit from more accessible resources
and please 
your leisure time at home during quarantine.

Full access to all Annual Reviews Journals.

Cochrane Library is temporarily unrestricted for all.

Full access to all of the 700 publisher’s journals.

Free access to journals published by EDP Sciences (2018-2020 contents only).

A trial to the engineering collection (26 engineering-related Ejournals) has been set up now until April 23rd.

KOTAR – E-books in Hebrew for school pupils, students, teachers, and researchers.

PE’ER (free personal registration is required) & LAMDA – Full access to books published by the Open University in Israel.

A collection of 1.4 million e-books for the support in teaching and research (A free registration is needed for borrowing).

Access to hundreds of hours of IEEE online courses in new and emerging technologies (until 30 June 2020). 

JOVE Science Education  Is a library dedicated to teaching scientific fundamentals via high-quality videos and demonstrations (chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, medicine, psychology, environmental studies, laboratory manuals and more).

The access is fully granted for Technion users until 15.6.20.

Your are welcome to visit the Faculty Resource Center for all the sylabi and options to integrate JOVE’s videos in courses. For any questions and help in finding the right videos for your courses and how to implement them, please schedule a virtual meeting with JOVE’s representative here in Israel.

Opens for the public the archives of 26 journals in the discipline of public health.

Expanding its free contents during the Corona outbreak with more than 30,000 e-books and other collections. Search via JSTOR interface.

Over 1,500 documentaries and independent films are now available while in quarantine (Hebrew and English films).
No login is required at the website.

Hundreds of MOOCs (massive open online courses) from Ivy League and Open Culture are available for free from the United States top academic institutions.

  • Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy – Hundreds videos in color of the human anatomy, with full access to exam for self evaluation. Some features require a personal username & password (free registration).
  • Bates’ Visual Guide – Acees to all Bate’s physical examination AND OSCE Clinical Skills Videos.
  • 5MinuteConsult– Evidence-based for clinicians and students. Also including access to the “Algorithms & Charts” section.
  • LWW Health Library – Texts, videos, Self-assessment and cases for practitioners, students and nurses. 

Access to Wolters Kluwer’s unique tools, guidelines (from UpToDate) and curated information about the Corona pandemic.

Unlimited Access to E-book Central Holdings.

All journal articles are free to all until further notice.

New resources available from SAGE in the disciplines of social sciences and related fields: SAGE Videos, SAGE Books, SAGE References.

ALL E-BOOKS published by Elsevier are now open via Science Direct.

ALL E-BOOKS published in 2018-2020 are now open via Springer Link.

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