​​​​​Open access Repositories (OA= Open Access)

The term open access (Open Access) refers to academic sources accessible to anyone connected to the Internet, and are allowed to be copied and to be distributed in any digital media freely, and without technical restriction, financial or legal, except for attribution of the source the author. 


Author Guide On How to Publish a​​​n Open Access A​​r​ticle

The emergence of open access has changed the way that ​research has been made accessible to academic and non-academic audiences alike. As open access continues to evolve, researchers are now presented with various options for selecting where and in which way to publish their research. This guide serves as an introduction to open access for researchers and also highlights the options researchers now have if they wish to make their work openly accessible to all. ​​​

If you couldn’t find what you ne​​​​​ed or if you would like to know more about open access publishing, please contact: 

Sarit Sambol Szasz -​ssambol@technion.ac.il

you can find more information in Author Guide On How to Publish a​​​n Open Access A​​r​ticle

Publishers Policy to Open Access Publishing ​​

 in the following link you can find a list of publishers with their online access policy (gold and green).

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