​​​​​​​Reference a​nd Instruction Services at the Technion Libraries​

The ​Technion Libraries information specialists provide guidance and instructions to Technion Community students, researchers and administrative staff in retrieval, evaluation and use of information for scholarly purposes, writing of academic papers, projects and more.​

The Reference Desks at the Technion Libraries offer assistance to the Technion community in providing answers for all your queries, search for relevant​ materials, and all other requests for additional sources of information.

You can order personal and group instructions:

  • ​Personal instruction for students, researchers and the academic staff.

  • Group instructions can be ordered by a lecturer.

The ​instruction's topics (personal and group)

Contact ​​​Us

To schedule a personal instruction fill in the personal instruction registration form.

To schedule a group instruction fill in the group instruction registration​ form​.

For any inquiries or questions:​​​​​