​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ordering​ an Article or Book through Interlibrary Loan​

  1. ​​Filling out the Online Form (in Hebrew/E​nglish)

  • Click on Online form, enter ID number & password, and click on Sign In.

  • The form of article order opens - Journal/Article Request or:

  • Choose the form for book order - Book (the book order form allows also to order an article from a book, conference or theses).

  • Choose the desired form and fill out the bibliographic details in the appropriate fields.

    * The order will not be submitted when a missing detail is marked and the comment Mandatory Field Missing !  appears. (If the information is unknown, a question mark may be inserted).

     In the "Free Note" notes the following information is required:

  • Budget Owner: Name and title of the Budget holder. (In case of private customer &  payment please mention it).

  • Budget no. :      Designated for Technion / Mosad  budget holders.

  • Max. Price:       When ordering from abroad it is preferable to indicate the maximum price. For prices see library fees .

  • Add Info:           Additional Comments if any.

  • Pickup/delivery location :  Leave as is.

  • Last Date:         No need to fill in.

Request Type - When different from what appears, then choose: 

  •  For a Book:  Printed (loan).

  •  For a Photocopy from a book: Printed (copy).

  •  For an Article from a periodical journal: Photocopy (copy).

    (Do not use: "photocopy (electronic)" as this disturbs the order).

    Finishing the Order Process:

  • Click on "submit" and receive order number and details.

  • For receiving a copy of the order, click on "print" at the bottom of the form.

  • Clicking on "cancel request" will cancel the order.

  • In order to return and receive a new form click on "back". 

    2. Tracking/Monitoring Orders

    On the row of quick links click on: ILL Active requests or ILL Total request

    ● The two lists are arranged by date and order number. (The date that appears is the last date of an action taken with the order. For example: sending to the supplier, receipt of material, etc.)

    ● Clicking on the sequence number (in blue) will open a display of the bibliographic details of the order.​


    3. Remarks

  • Staying for a considerable amount of time on the order form without activity may cause its automatic closure without saving the details that were filled.
  • Please Exit your reader account by double clicking "Quit" (On the top right of the screen).

Interlibrary Loan Staff in the Central Library will be happy to be at your service to assist in any matter.