​​​​​​​Library Services


 Academic staff, advanced degree students, undergraduates, employees, and external users who are registered in the library system, are entitled to borrow books by presenting their library card.

For more information :Circulation services​.


Book loan periods are automatically extended unless requested by another reader. In this case, a notification email is sent to the borrower and book needs to be returned on the specified day. Please return books on the due date!

Ordering books from the catalog: It is possible to order books which are already on loan and also books which are free on the shelves. A loan notice email is sent to the reader upon the book's arrival and it is kept at the circulation desk for three working days.

Reference and Guidance Services

The Chemistry & Biology Library provides:

  1. Assistance in retrieval of scientific materials from different databases, journals and other internet resources.
  2. Instruction sessions in:
    1. Retrieval of information from databases on related department fields - for faculty and graduate students
    2. Library catalog use - for undergraduate students

A meeting with a reference librarian can be arranged by tel. 04-8293734 or by mail:

chelena@technion.ac.il or chemlib@tx.technion.ac.il

You can also  schedule an individual guidance by filling  the form  person​​al inst​​ruction​.

The central library con​ducts group guidance for graduate students a few times during the year. An e-mail notification about guidance is sent to the students.

Interlibrary Loan and Document Supply​

Faculty members, graduate students and employees are entitled to order articles and borrow books from other libraries in Israel or abroad.

Just send the reference to the mail: chelena@technion.ac.il or chemlib@tx.technion.ac.il or call to the phone 04-8293734.

For more information: Interlibrary​ Lo​​​an and Document service​.

Order & Recommend New Books

​Academic staff members may order books using their research budgets.  All readers are also invited to recommend new books and other resources to the library.  Please send requests by e-mail:  chelena@technion.ac.il or chemlib@tx.technion.ac.il

​Electronic ​Reprints

E-Reprints are extracts from textbooks, magazines and other publications constituting material required or recommended in studying courses.

This media material is protected by copyright law and access to it is limited and is given only to students registered to the course.

Access to Electronic Reprints is through a course in Moodle only.

(The password can be also found in Moodle.)

Access is also possible from your home.

Lecturers and Laboratory Assistants who are interested in the

E-Reprints to their courses please phone to 04-8293734.​

Off-Campus Access

Please see the following link: